Our Ministries

The purpose of the St. George Ladies Auxiliary is to promote fellowship within our community, comfort those in need, and empower our congregation to spread Orthodox faith through charitable acts. 

We are proud to host various events throughout the year including Sunday Luncheons, Friendsgiving, Mother/Daughter Tea, Bake Sales to raise money, Ladies' Night Out, Wine and Paint Night, Family Pizza and Bingo Night, Christmas Karaoke, Apple Orchard Picking, Day Trips Wine Tasting and much more! 

At St. George, the Men’s Fellowship provides a place of community for men and their families. We strive to build a foundation where we may grow with one another and serve God as well as our parish at large.

The mission of the St. George Young Adults is to mold future leaders with strong spiritual identity, a deep understanding of their cultural heritage, and robust mental fortitude. 

The mission of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Sunday School is to educate and foster our children to have a deep and close relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 For 30 years, Saint George Orthodox Church Camp has been the summer gathering place for Orthodox families and children in the Bay Area. Thousands have spent memorable weeks in Jackson, California, where lasting friendships have been formed. 

Summer camp gives us the opportunity to not just reaffirm our Christian faith and unique cultural heritage, but also to learn life lessons and Christian values from those who came before us who built the this camp program and maintained it for last 30 years.  

The Vicariate P/J Youth Ministry strives to connect Orthodox youth across all our sister churches to grow in faith and share in fellowship the love of our church and rich culture.